Just What the Hell is Going On in Here?

We suffer. A lot. Some of us suffer in some ways, some of us suffer in other ways. Some try to cover their suffering with drugs and alcohol. Some cover over the pain of living with material objects and the endless pursuit of more and better and faster (also sexier)! No matter what though, no matter who you are, life is going to come up to you and say, “That’s a nifty little life you got there. It would be a shame if… someone totally fucked it up for you.”

So if we all have to suffer, save for those poor fools who think they can and actually try to find the escape hatch on the Good Ship Suffer-Until-You’re-Dead, then maybe we should accept it, stop desperately clinging to being happy, perfect, shiny people, and accept that it’s nothing personal because the universe honestly doesn’t give a sideways shit about you, or me, or the guy at the gasoline station who smells like mothballs and old coffee. Here’s the thing, once we realize how small we are in the universe, how almost infinitesimally tiny the window of our existence is, we can start to understand the world doesn’t owe us anything. It certainly doesn’t owe us happiness. If we’re going to steer this shit ship, we need to get over ourselves, our limited view of the world, and start living in reality, where there are good things and bad things, happy moments and tragic moments, nice people and people who smell like mothballs and old coffee.

To that end, I plan to stock this blog bag with posts containing advice based on some hard-won wisdom (I really need to work on that wisdom beard) and posts that contain amazing facts about this WORLD and UNIVERSE and not about YOU or ME because, remember, everything else is so much bigger and more interesting. Maybe it will help some of you get out from under your inhibitions or do away with beliefs and ideas that are holding you back and even hurting you. Maybe, it may even help some of you become successful. Or maybe some of you will just get a good giggle which is never a bad thing. So join me in not being eternally, blissfully happy; not patting yourself on the back (You special little snowflake, you!), and not taking yourself so damn seriously. But DO join me for living a more grounded, simple human life. Because that’s all we are and it’s all we’ve got.